The compact, cost-effective LED solution for your street lighting projects


VOLTANA EVO is the ultimate compact solution that delivers the right lighting to your urban spaces and guarantees fast payback. This luminaire is the right tool for lighting your streets and squares efficiently while considerably reducing energy costs.
Suitable for all kinds of urban spaces, the VOLTANA EVO outdoor luminaire is low-weight, easy to install, and designed for side-entry and post-top mounting. It is easily adjustable on-site thanks to an incorporated stepped inclination system that optimises the photometric orientation.
With its compact design and lighting technology, the VOLTANA EVO luminaire is a sustainable, cost-effective solution that guarantees basic urban lighting needs, generates energy savings, and reduces the ecological footprint.

  • Reduce your ecological footprint
  • A new generation of the VOLTANA range, the VOLTANA EVO luminaire follows the same sustainable philosophy: recyclable components, a compact design that uses fewer raw materials, and maximised maintenance and energy savings. Furthermore, the VOLTANA EVO’s compact design allows easy installation and is maintenance-friendly. This indirectly contributes to lowering the impact of the equipment and workload around it.

  • Save time on installation
  • The VOLTANA EVO enables easy and fast installation with side-entry or post mounting on virtually any type of pole or bracket. As it can be supplied pre-wired, VOLTANA EVO minimises the time spent on cabling. For maximised photometrical performance, this outdoor luminaire can be adjusted on-site with an incorporated stepped inclination system.

  • Get the right light
  • With the VOLTANA EVO luminaire, lightness doesn’t mean inefficiency. This street luminaire is equipped with Schréder ProFlexTM photometric engines, which increase performance by reducing the number of reflections inside the optical unit. VOLTANA EVO provides the right optimised lumen package for your street lighting needs.
    The lenses are directly integrated into a polycarbonate protector, which provides high impact resistance.

  • Invest in the future
  • Built with fewer yet more advanced materials, VOLTANA EVO is the ideal tool for guaranteeing the fastest return on investment. This street luminaire combines a compact design with innovative photometric technology to create a cost-effective, efficient LED solution for your urban lighting projects.

The ideal tool to light your urban spaces

The VOLTANA EVO LED outdoor luminaire has been designed to meet your urban lighting needs. Its photometric technology increases safety for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists by enhancing visibility and contrast in your urban streets and spaces while maximising energy savings.
Its compact design subtly blends into your city streets while its photometric engines deliver the perfect lighting, adapted to the exact needs of the space
Create nice, safe city centers where people want to live with VOLTANA EVO.

Get your starlit sky back

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is the recognised authority on light pollution. It provides tools, ressources, and a certification program for industries and companies willing to reduce light pollution. At Schréder, we are convinced that a more responsible lighting has the potential to preserve the environment. We are fully committed to reducing light pollution by joining the IDA’s certification program. Our approved range of luminaires complies with the IDA’s program of approval to deliver a light that protects the environment in all respects. Get your starlit sky back with the VOLTANA EVO lighting solution.


Jmenovité napětí
Přepěťová ochrana (kV)
Protokoly regulace
Zásuvky a konektory
Vzdálená správa
Výstupní sv. tok svítidla (lm)
500 - 
Power consumption (W)
5.0 - 
Účinnost svítidla (lm/W)
Barevná teplota světla
Index podání barev (CRI)
Podíl vyzařovaného sv. toku do horního poloprostoru (ULOR)
Splňuje požadavky IDA Dark Sky, pokud je osazen LED diodami 3000K nebo méně.
ULR se může lišit dle konfigurace. Pro více informací nás prosím kontaktujte.
ULOR se může lišit dle konfigurace. Pro další informace nás prosím kontaktujte.
Hliníkový odlitek
Ochranný kryt
Tvrzené sklo
Polykarbonát (s integrovanou optikou)
Povrchová úprava
Polyesterový práškový lak
Standard colour
Stupeň krytí
Odolnost proti nárazu
Všechny konfigurace
Životnost se může lišit podle velikosti / konfigurace. Prosím, kontaktujte nás.

Rozměry a uchycení

AxBxC (mm | inch)
416x104x170 | 16.4x4.1x6.7
Váha (kg | lbs)
2.6-2.8 | 5.7-6.2
Možnosti uchycení
Horizontální uchycení – Ø42mm
Horizontální uchycení – Ø60mm
Horizontální uchycení Ø76mm

Control systems

Control options for VOLTANA EVO

The VOLTANA EVO LED outdoor luminaire has the following dimming/control options:
• Custom dimming profile
• 1-10V

Instalace a údržba

Standard side-entry mounting

VOLTANA EVO offers side-entry clamp fixation for Ø42-60mm spigots. The luminaire can be adjusted on-site thanks to an incorporated stepped inclination system.

Optional adapter for both post-top and side-entry mounting

As an option, the VOLTANA EVO luminaire can be delivered with an adapter piece suitable for both post-top and side-entry mounting on various spigots (Ø42-60mm or Ø76mm). Thanks to an incorporated stepped inclination system, the luminaire can be adjusted on-site in 5° steps.